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Articles about Dragonriders Of Pern Books

Hephaestus Books

Published August 29th 2011
ISBN : 9781243006288
56 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Hephaestus Books publishes print-on-demand compilations of Wikipedia articles -- not original works. Caveat Emptor.If you feel that doing a free search on Wikipedia is not worth your time compared to paying someone to print out Wikipedia articles for you, then these books may be of interest.Works titled as Novels of [Author], such as [novel1], [novel2]... are very arguably deceptively advertised trademark violations, but reviews stating that they were scammed seem to be outnumbered by people uprating the original works mentioned (rather than the Hephaestus books about the original works). There are also reviewers who have not generally reviewed any other publishers books apart from Hephaestus on GoodReads, who give the most effusive praise to these books.Hephaestus Books represents a new publishing paradigm, allowing disparate content sources to be curated into cohesive, relevant, and informative books. To date, this content has been curated from Wikipedia articles and images under Creative Commons licensing, although as Hephaestus Books continues to increase in scope and dimension, more licensed and public domain content is being added. We believe books such as this represent a new and exciting lexicon in the sharing of human knowledge.These collections of articles could be very useful for research as essentially all the research, including citations, is done for you and presented in one booklet. Although frankly since you can get the same information from Wikipedia, which is a free online resource whose members did the work, for free, which Hephaestus is selling to you, you may as well go there and get the work for free too.If one is going to support the argument against Haephestus that one might as well go and get the work from Wikipedia because a lot of it, if not most, has just been collated from there, which would take time that researchers could devote to other work, then one must also carry the argument further and say that the Wikipedia articles are to a greater or lesser extent, summaries of research in books and media already available. So the logical argument is to go and get all the books and articles yourself and do the research and not take advantage of either Wikipedia or Hephaestus to collate and summarise this research for you.Of course, Wikipedia does not charge you for their summarizing service.