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Triple Destiny Diana Colson

Triple Destiny

Diana Colson

Published May 31st 2013
ISBN : 9781458209023
238 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Catherine Scanlon, a Midwestern dance teacher, is living a nightmare. Her husband, Luke, has grown increasingly violent, abusive, and dangerous. To protect herself and her treasured little girl, Katie, Catherine is forced to escape. She hides in Sarasota praying Luke cannot find them. To her horror he bursts back into their lives and tragedy ensues. Dr. Nick Kontos, a marine biologist, is compellingly drawn to Catherine in the hours following the shocking death of young Katie. Shattered by her heartbreaking loss, Catherine first turns to Nick for solace, then abruptly departs, distraught and furious at Nick for what she interprets as his taking advantage of her vulnerability. Catherine heads for Bali and immerses herself in the islands exotic culture, boldly reclaiming her maiden name of Elizabeth Donovan, the name imprinted on her passport. From Nicks point of view Catherine Scanlon has vanished. Yet--half a world apart-- each finds the other impossible to forget. Triple Destiny is a story of loss, love, and reincarnation. The tale demonstrates the magnetic power of love and the magical spirit of a child.