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Life Without God Nicholaos S. Tzannes

Life Without God

Nicholaos S. Tzannes

Published November 4th 2002
ISBN : 9781591297697
160 pages
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 About the Book 

Do you sense that you have a mission in life but are unable to accept the existence of a supreme being? Are you irritated by people who perpetually want to...save you? Are you looking for a philosophy of life that leads to a happy and contented life without faith? In the first part of his book, Dr. Tzannes shows the absurdity of religious dogmas and practices--information you need to face down all those religious zealots and annoying proselytizers. In the second part, he answers questions such as why are we here? what is good or evil? how do we find happiness? etc., proving that happiness and fulfillment in life are easily within reach, with no need for God or organized religions. All ideas are presented through a series of heated, humorous dialogues that need no Ph.D. in philosophy to be enjoyed--just common sense and a freethinking mind.